We have a dysfunctional monetary system, whereby 97% of money is created through the digital issuing of debt by commercial banks, yet after 10 years of government bailouts these institutions are still not meeting the nations lending needs. And, are at a key point in history with: the global debt to GDP ratio now higher than it was in 2008, increasing both global inequality and political volatility; and de-centralised programmable currencies such as bitcoin, as well as local currencies such as the Bristol Pound, challenging the status quo.

Ten years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, I am producing an exhibition in collaboration with CoResist collective bringing together work which explores the monetary, banking and financial system. The exhibition will take place in the Hamilton House gallery in Bristol between the 13th and 19th of September and will bring together a diversity of artwork produced over the past decade. Artworks which are to some extent participatory or interactive are particularly welcome, but we are open to all visual and audio works which engage audiences with this topic and offer new perspectives on the debt/banking crisis, the global financial architecture, quantitative easing, etc.

To apply send: 3 images of your work, 200 words and a link to a website to moneytree@coresist.org by Monday the 30th of July.

Image to the right: BankRun at the Plymouth Art Weekender 2017

We are also interested in finding out about similar work - including work that may not be suitable for this exhibition - for further research. If you know of any work on this topic, even if it is not you own, please send us information using the same email address. It is great to see what is out there.

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Why is this exhibition needed?

“So what is to be done by the forces of good - progressive forces - to stabilise the global financial system and restore employment, political stability and social justice?

First, we need wider public understanding of where money comes from and how the financial system operates”

- Ann Pettifor (2017), The Production of Money: How to Break the Power of Bankers, Verso