the invisible hand diy


'Print your own' zine.

This work, created as part of Moneylab #10: Economythologies ML#X, explores the Invisible Hand - one of (neo)classical economics’ most enduring mythologies. If you have access to an A3 colour printer you can print your own copy.

Download PDF here.

If you have problems printing your own, you can:

Buy here.

Thank you to ML#X's curators

Denise Thwaites and Nancy Mauro-Flude for commisioning the piece.

April 2021

PRINT: If you are using a printer which has a 'print on both sides' function, you can print all 6 pages at once.

Make sure to specify that you want to print onto A3 paper, landscape, and select 'print on both sides' – such that it flips over (along the short edge).

If you do not have a 'print on both sides' option, or can't find it, then print pages 1, 3 and 5 first and then flip them over and print pages 2, 4 and 6 onto the back of them.

Make sure to specify that you want to print onto A3 paper, landscape, and that you flip the paper along the short edge.

CUT: Having printed all 6 pages onto 3 sheets of A3, take your guillotine, scalpel or scissors and remove the white margins. Then cut them down the 'long middle'.

FOLD: You will now have 6 sheets of paper. Take the sheet with the instructions, fold it in half such that the instructions are hidden, and then in half again.

Take the other 5 sheets, fold them in half such that page numbers 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8 and 9&10 remain visible. Then fold the sides in as shown below:

ORDER: Put the instructions page to one side, and place the other 5 folded sheets such that the page numbers are in order. Then position the folded instruction sheet as the cover.

BIND: Either staple the pages together or bind with a needle and thread. Any type of thread will do, I tend to make 3 holes and stitch a figure of 8 along the spine a couple of times.